I was born in Monterrey, Mexico in a family that loves music. I learnt from my parents to work for my dreams. Everyday since I got to hold a guitar on my hands being 14 years old I dreamt about being a professional guitar player, work with great musicians, get to know different studios, make my own music and play live around the world.

I graduated as an Industrial Engineering major from Monterrey Tech and I got to know the definition of work, switching between 3 shifts  every month, the value and satisfaction of a well done job but I couldn’t stop having the same dream: make a living from music. After three years I decided to go for it.

I radically changed my life in every aspect and focused on music. I started as an studio assistant, at the same time I worked to get my Music Production and Audio Engineering Diploma within a year. In a short period of time I was able to establish my own place where I could record for artists, agencies and businesses. I’m constantly taking courses to keep me updated, that includes Berklee Latino in Mexico City where the faculty gave me an award to keep studying Music Production and Music Business at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain during their intensive 6-week summer program in 2016.

Currently my work as a guitar player has taken me to play live in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and U.S.A. I’ve recorded two albums, one of them certified gold, as part of the band who plays with Mexican artist José Madero in his solo project. I currently reside in Costa Rica where I have collaborated with other players live and as an organizer of Jazzin’ Chepe an event that promotes Jazz for a week where we’ve had as headliners Janek Gwizdala and guitar extraordinaire Mark Lettieri from Snarky Puppy. Nowadays I collaborate with certain brands doing workshops and social media strategies. I’ve written gear articles published in Costa Rica and I frequently travel during the year touring and recording.


Thank you for considering my services for your project! I’m looking forward to work with and exceed your expectations.

I love collaborating with music and finding the perfect guitar parts for the projects. I’m available to track guitars (acoustic or electric) for your project, song or any other musical idea that you may have. I can attend to the recording sessions or we can collaborate remotely by tracking the parts in my studio. I can also offer my input and write parts for your music if you need me to do so.

Capturing the sound of the instruments is critical to a good recording and sets the overall tone of mixing. A good tracked song can save many hours you’d spend during mixing. We can work on recording your music wether is one song or a full length album you can trust that your performances will be captured in the best possible way.

Getting the best out of the takes and consolidating them into a track, not robotize your music is a critical part to make a succesful project. If your tracks need a clean up, some timing or pitch correction in order to prep them for mixing or just to set the tone for further tracking you can hire me to do so.

I have a Mark V in my studio along with Redwirez, Ownhammer and Two-Notes impulse responses. The reamp is done using a Torpedo Reload into a Universal Audio Apollo. I also have access to rent a wide selection of great cabinets and mic choices that might fit your needs. For a full list, please contact me. 

This is the part of the process besides playing guitar that I enjoy the most. I go into every detail of your tracks by listening critically trying to picture the outcome of the song before I even touch anything. No presets are used as no two songs are the same. I mix with the approach of adding and polishing the song delivering something that connects with the expectations of my clients.

Corporate Audio
I understand the time constraints and language of corporate projects from campaigns, jingles, voice-overs, advertising and everything in between that requires audio done. I have a network of musicians and talents that fit your project. I also offer input in terms of royalties and other scenarios that are related in the use of music for advertising.



Guitars & Accesories
PRS Guitars – DGT Artist

PRS Guitars – Silver Sky
EBMM John Petrucci 7
EBMM BFR Silhouette Special 
Taylor Guitars DN-3 Acoustic
Ernie Ball Cobalt 10-46 Strings
Elixir Nanoweb Light for Acoustic
Reunion Blues Gig Bags

Mesa Boogie Mark V
Two Rock Studio Pro 25


Two Notes – Le Clean
Two Notes – Torpedo C.A.B.
Eventide – H9 Max

Keeley Electronics – D&M Drive
Wampler Pedals – Tumnus
Wampler Pedals – Mini Ego Comp
Wampler Pedals – Pinnacle Distortion
Strymon – El Capistan Delay
Stak Fx – Tochtli Reverb
Stak Fx – Ts’uru’un Delay
Mesa Boogie – Flux Drive
Electro-Harmonix Soul Food
T.C. Electronic Corona Chorus
Mooer – Trelicopter

Lava Cable Ultramafic Pedalboard Kit

Universal Audio Apollo.
Dangerous Music D-Box Analog Summing Mixer.
Two-Notes Engineering Torpedo Reload DI, Loadbox & Reamper .
Avid Pro Tools 10 & 11.
Apple Logic Pro X.
Slate Digital, UAD-2 & Waves plugins.
Redwirez & Ownhammer IRs.


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